Like a lot of online cowboys in the digital world these days, I initially launched a business that tried to solve ALL the problems.  I wanted to help build traffic and successful businesses.  I launched courses and ebooks and "free content libraries" HOPING something would catch. *Notice that keyword..."hope"* 

Although traffic and success are STILL standards of the Uncork Your Dork message, we've taken it a few steps farther over the last few years. Our mission is to help small businesses create a DEPENDABLE revenue...instead of HOPING a product does well. 

We help online businesses turn those one time sales into recurring subscription products. 

We are dedicated to clearing out the "spaghetti at walls" feeling of launching an online business, and give a clear cut, easy method to getting rid of that income stress. 

Uncork Your Dork and the Wham! Bam Business Plan! is an education company dedicated to providing high-quality training and support in a fun and easy to navigate atmosphere for clients who seek knowledge in launching their own recurring revenue and subscription streams. 

We intend to make enough profit to create new monthly events, bonuses,  courses and to add to the UCYD team.  We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.