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Sarah Snyder-Castañeda - Adulting with ADHD

I am SO ecstatic for Sarah's success!!!  She's been a founding member for over a year, and it's been a blast to see her launch and grow and get excited about creating a recurring revenue and a business she absolutely loves!!  

Since joining the membership,  she's launched her first challenge and ebook, grown her community, and (EEEEEE...SOOO EXCITED!!) launched her OWN paid community for adults trying to adult with ADHD! 

You go girl!! I can't WAIT to see what else you do!!

"I started following Terra back in 2016 when I had just started my blog AdultingWithADHD.com. Back then,  my strategy was solely to monetize organic traffic with affiliate links. Through following Terra's coursework, I have found the inspiration to create so much more than that beginning project.

I would never have had the confidence or creativity to do stuff like livestreaming or product launches had it not been for her guidance. These days, I am now creating something that I am absolutely in love with, and I've launched my first product! A free challenge with an ebook upgrade- earlier this year! I've even been known to do a Facebook live from time to time without getting nervous.

If Terra's expertise and support were not enough, her summits and membership site have taken her services to the next level. She is FANATICAL about giving her students the best information out there, and I'm always checking in on what she's doing to say on the up and up."

- Sarah Snyder-Castañeda

The Adulting Club

The Adulting with ADHD Career Challenge and Ebook Upgrade