Terra Dawn is the dork and braaaaaains behind the Uncork Your Dork brand and the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! membership site!  After focusing her content on traffic building initially, she quickly realized that niching down would be (in all honesty) MUCH more pleasurable than trying to help everyone! 

In addition to helping members generate traffic, she's now SUPER focused on teaching members and community folk how to turn one time revenue into a recurring and dependable monthly stream with subscription based products. 

Inside of the membership,  Terra focuses on create new monthly content, launching summits and monthly events, making the decisions around branding, marketing and layout...and generally just manning the helm. You can reach her at ANY time by clicking that "contact us" button in the bottom right hand side of the screen...or simply emailing her at terradawn@uncorkyourdork.com ! 


The Wham! Bam! Business Plan! membership site would be LIGHTYEARS behind with Vic Dorfman and his Memberfix team!  Vic and his team were the brains behind the recent move from one membership URL to the new one...and MAN it could not have been done without them. 

When he's not tackling mountains in the membership site, Vic helps with technical issues, login issues, uploading and setting up finicky plugins, and generally helping Terra out with her sometimes insane ideas. 

Vic and his team are available to help with any technical issues you might be having!  Simply hit that "Contact Us" button below, and Vic will receive your issue...RIGHT before you receive your solution. 

Vic DOES take the weekends off (slacker...) so if you are having a technical difficulty that Terra Dawn can't tackle, you might have to wait a day or two.  Give a guy a break! 

Visit the MemberFix website!!


Monica Draubt keeps order in the Uncork Your Dork and Wham! Bam! Business Plan! world!  She's around to answer questions, monitor the community and conversations, edit videos and create downloads.  

WHAT?  I know!!  She's super woman!! 

I'll take it a step farther and say...she's super MOM!!  Yep! She runs her OWN VA business all while being a mom of two and a crazy awesome lady. 

The quickest way to get hold of Monica, should you have any questions, is to tag her inside of the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! community or inside of the Uncork Your Dork Facebook Group!  If she isn't sure of the answer, she's got a direct line to contact Terra Dawn...so you'll get a response faster than a speeding bullet.  (Did I mention she can leap tall buildings?) 

Looking for a VA? Chat with Monica to see if you're a fit!